Apr. 21st, 2008

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Thanks for the help, lovelies. I'm still looking into insurance policies, but everything is a lot easier in narrowing down my choices. You rock! ♥

Wii's Virtual Console really needs to hop to it and release more than just one game at a time. I've got the strongest urge to play Super Mario RPG. D: I'm not too sure if they're gonna put it up, but I'm so hoping. That game was freakin' rad. Geno~ Prism Rangers~ Kicking major butt with Mario, Bowser, and Peach~ ♥♥♥


I also almost lost my voice again, yesterday. :DDDD I just have the worst luck with vinegar and yet I still love to ingest it. It still doesn't feel too great, but the whole thing makes me laugh more than anything.

and...uh am in the middle of collecting clothes and junk to donate to Salvation Army. I've got this huge box of clothes that were way too big on me and either won't fit my mom or she just won't wear. I was thinking of maybe selling some, but really...I'd rather do that with things that are in better condition. I'd feel horrible if I made money off of some beaten up clothes. 8[

lol, pointless post. Just wanted to kill time while waiting for my straightener to heat up. IT FEELS GREAT TO HAVE TWO DAYS OFF IN A ROW. Too bad I have a doctor's appointment...
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To start:
anonymous meme

Why not? Hit me.

Y'know/ I just realized today as to why I haven't seen a doctor since I was 12 or 13. They're irritating to actually be seen.

Something's either wrong with my insurance or they put me with the wrong doctor.

And then they re-schedule me for impossible days. D: I took today off so I could go to the doctor. I need to be prescribed some physical therapy. DO YOUR FREAKING JOB.

So make my day even better, the nurse closed the door on me. Not in my face; it almost hit me. Then she didn't apologise until I had to say something. :|

Let's see if I'll be able to see them on the 30th, eh?


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