Jan. 6th, 2008

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lols...I'm tired and bored.
My mom took the DS so no Pokemon and I'm not in the mood to read manga. :|

Today was interesting.

This karaoke thing was going on at the mall and when I got out of the car on my way in, I saw...cowboy hats. Cowboys in California. My first thought was "Oh please, don't go inside New York." I didn't want them in the store. I would've said something. D:

And in the midst of my measly 15 minute break, there was a shoplifter. WHY AM I NOT THERE WHEN THIS HAPPENS? All the good stuff happens when I'm not there.

Then later on, one of my managers spontaniously grabs my hand and we both start skipping towards the fitting room. :'D And then some guy just randomly goes "You two make a cute couple~"
We both stop, look over, and smile like "Thank you!! *pushes away* but too bad!"
He's gay and I'm lonely. It wouldn't work out.

And the prize of today:
Lady: I need a different size, I think.
Me: Okay, there's more over on that other wall.
Lady: *after getting another size, holds them up* :]
Me: Oh cool! You wanna give those a shot, too? *starts unlocking fitting room*
Lady: ...what?
Me: Wanna give them another shot...? *points to pants*
Lady: ...?
Me: *sighs* Do you want to try those on, as well?
Lady: ...Oh! Yes! :DDD

I'm going to bed. Yes!


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