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Hah! I caught up on TRC! >D
All I can say is wow for the angst. That was just...wow. However, the most recent chapters made me happy. 8'] Oh how I missed you, Fay.

I'll start up on XXXholic later. I'm a little burnt out on manga for the next few days or a week or so.

My bank card came today! \o/ It's pretty.

By the way, [livejournal.com profile] break4angels; did your grades come in?
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He ate it!?
You better be doing something about this, Kurogane!

EDIT: ...now the other!!!!? D:

EDIT 2: ch.122; AHAHAHA KICK YOUR OWN ASS! And can Mokona fail anymore?

EDIT 3: last edit, promise!
ch.125; ...lmao. If they weren't my OTP before this chapter, this chapter just confirmed them for me.

And Syaoran confuses me. Someone like to explain this kid to me or are they going to go into detail later on?
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I finally beat Persona 3, last night! O:

It took me an even 110 hours, but I'll admit that a few of those are from me falling asleep while playing. Also at level 97, but I wish I didn't do that. ]:
It made the final boss too easy...

Replaying on New Game+, now. I wanna fight Elizabeth.

...Kenji's surname is Tomochika? WHY DOES THAT FIT HIM SO WELL!?

Getting close to beating Okami. I think...I'm going to that shrine in Kamui after you save Lika. *shrugs*
I got stuck and am done for the day.

I just started reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle earlier this week. I'm not a huge CLAMP fan, but this is actually really fun to read. I like the whole crossover idea. It's cute.
Currently reading Volume 6, right now. Fai is totally and easily my favourite character.

Eh, this post is stupid.


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