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Brother: ...you're joking?
Brother: *stares*
Brother: Alli...
Me: Ohhh...it's square! I've got it, I've got it.
Brother: Yeah.
Brother: *facepalm*

It's been way too long since I last played Abyss. And I picked up before the Uniceros battle in my New Game+.

I need to stop playing so many games. I keep taking a break on those that I still haven't beaten yet. D:
And I'm going to be getting my DS and Pokemon: Diamond or Pearl for Xmas, so that'll be wonderful. ♥
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I was meaning to post this much earlier with more than just one, but I got lazy, again. :D
Same as last time - Based off of [livejournal.com profile] sesshy_is_sexii's 1sentence challenge and inspired by [livejournal.com profile] manicalpha.

...that's two. *gets shot*

Title: Fidelity
Characters/Pairings: Guy, tiny smidge of Guy/Luke
Rating: G
Summary: Guy’s thoughts before meeting up with Luke at Aramis Spring.
Warnings: Some spoilers for after Akzeriuth.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Tales of the Abyss; this is just for entertainment.

12. Wait: “There’s always been one Luke to me, and that’s why I have to go wait for him.” )

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Hope everyone had fun eating, watching fireworks, and swinging around those pretty sparklers! :D

I'm going to pretend I know our national anthem's lyrics. )
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Title:  Every Night
Characters/Pairings: Young!Guy/Luke
Rating: G
Summary: Every night, Guy would come to tell a ghost story to Luke, when he was a kid.
Warnings: Slight OOC, at worst. I’ve never written these two before.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Tales of the Abyss; this is just for entertainment.
I got inspired by [profile] manicalpha’s drabbles based off of [profile] sesshy_is_sexii’s awesome one sentence challenges. I’d take on all 50, but I wanted to start off slow and chose a random one to get myself back into writing. XD
Depends on how badly I really butcher the entire thing. *shot*
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Tales of the Abyss 4-koma Anthology Scans

Sweet Lorelei! XD
When I went to check the poll, earlier, I saw that the 4-koma series had won by a complete landslide. I was going to wait until tomorrow and start scanning on Thursday, but that motivated me to do it this morning.

I'll probably end up scanning the other two books at another time, but danggg! It's kind of exhausting scanning and editting for a few hours. Good thing my scanner doesn't take as long as my old one did when it came to scanning.

Sample & Download Link )

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Tales of the Abyss Anthology Scans

Progress! XD
Okie dokie, not too long ago, I went out and bought three of the Tales of the Abyss Anthology books. I think it may had been to scan for the heck of it.

But I was afraid of ruining the books when I got them so, aside from random tidbits that really don't count, I never ended up doing it. Dx

Anyway! I finally decided to get up and do what I intended to do. So I have here the covers and some samples of all the books I got. As well as a poll.

My scanner is retarded so it would take forever and a day, probably, to scan all three books entirely. @_@ Plus, I hate the dang thing. It weirded out on me earlier and if I want it to work again, I have to restart my computer. >.< Dang dreck of a scanner!

Hey look! Pretty pictures and a poll! )

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11 Crisis Core & 02 Tales of the Abyss Icons

My multi-fandom post fails! D:
Sorry sorry! XD I haven't had much time at all to make anything, I only made these to get my mind off school. This is a very small icon post.

But only two Abyss icons!? I almost had a heart attack at that. I usually always make 10+ Abyss icons, everything. AT LEAST!!!! @_@



1 2 3

Can I have my porn now? :/ )

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Tales of the Abyss Icons!

Oy...It's been so long since I made any icons, but after so many in two nights.... x.x
My eyes burn; mainly from colouring.

I tried my hand at working with manga/anthology images. Most of them feature Guy, but there are a few of the other characters. like VanxGuy!!? Wtf!


1 2 3


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Why, hello there! 8DDD

It's been such a long time since I've made anything in Photoshop so I gave myself a challenge to make a Tales of the Abyss Icon Batch using the official character artwork. (Sadly...no Peony or Fringes...)

I'll most likely make more since the manga is just love and I can't resist making some of that. Also some of my favorite pairings!
GuyxLuke, AschxLuke, JadexDist~!!!! *giggles madly*

Maybe~ I'll get to work on a wallpaper or two, soon. Depending on whether or not I have any ideas for designs since that's what I'm lacking more than anything. @_@ God save my lack of creativeness...


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To the Abyss Posse!!!! )


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