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I finally finished Odin Sphere so I'm all burned out on playing video games, ahahaha.

For how much the first five scenarios dragged, the rest of the game is freakin' awesome! ;O;
Epic final boss battles? HECKYEAH, yes please!!!
Granted, you have to pay attention to those Erion Saga and Krois' Memos to choose the right character for each battle and get the real ending. It wasn't that hard to figure out, anyway. :D

Anyway, I'm in the mood to do some drabbles~ ...but I'm out of ideas.

Anyone on my F-list want to drop me a prompt or two? As long as I'm familiar with the characters/pairings/fandom, I'm totally cool with giving them all a shot, but I'm not making any promises. 8]
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I'm trying...really hard to beat Odin Sphere. D:
Velvet's arc is incredibly unfair compared to the rest. She attacks so freaking slow...

I was just thinking about this (for those who're playing Odin Sphere), but am I the only one who gets depressed when playing this game?
Don't get me wrong, I like it, but holy friggin' mother of christ! All of these kids got the short end of the stick and then some!

Cut for Odin Sphere spoilers )

Now that I'm getting closer to the end of Persona 3, everyone in that is getting serious and depressed. *weeps* Where's Bebe, Kenji, and all the misadventures of the main cast when you need 'em?

Maybe I need Katamari or somethin' to even all this angst out. /;
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This is a very mixed icon post. Some of these icons are pretty old, some relatively new, and some that were made for icontests. .o.~

- Death Note (Spoilers up to Chapter 99) +10
- DOGS: Bullets and Carnage +09
- Odin Sphere +10
- Persona 3 +13
- Silent Hill 2 & 3 +13
- Misc. (Kingdom Hearts, Princess Tutu, Valkyrie Profile) +06


1 2 3

I can't think of something witty to put here...woez. D: )

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As pretty as it is, Odin Sphere has some of the most cracked up things I've ever seen!
WHO CAN'T LOVE SHEEP-BEARING PLANTS!? TELL ME WHO! It's freaking amazing! And Cornelius reminds me of a bunny!He-Man with his sword and his rad spinning attack of Tempest from the Tales series. I LOVE THIS FREAKING GAME! ♥♥♥
Cut for Shippuuden 21 Spoilers & Pics )

CODE GEASS EPISODE 24&25 TOMORROW! I don't know what else to say, I'm excited. :D

One last thing; I'm sorry to those on my MSN Messenger that I don't IM. It's not that I don't want to talk to you, but I've been pretty down in the mouth for the past two weeks and it kind of drains my initiative.
It's just a mixture of stress and disappointments; I feel bad and it's nothing personal. Sorry. ^^;


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