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Jesus christ! The wind today is insane and now we have a fire that started by my house! I thought someone was BBQ'ing.

I'm finally almost done with Persona 3. I was going to beat it this morning, but we got a power outage and I lost the mood. I started playing Okami when it came back on. I forgot how fun that game is! :O

I'll play a little more of that later on, today. I don't feel like going anywhere or doing anything. I was cleaning and cooking all day, yesterday, so I wanna be lazy. Maybe write up a few fic requests that I've been putting off. Hahahahah...sorry. XD
I'll have the next batch of Rebuild of Evangelion caps posted sometime, soon. The first trailer, though. My 'Angel of Doom' video file is awful.

But! I bring pictures of some interesting things I've seen this week.
Cut for Pictures )

Dude, I feel like one of the only people who thought the Death Note dub was pretty good.
My only complaint was Light's voice actor couldn't do the laugh, but it wasn't bad! D: I'm sort of looking forward to hearing how L will sound.

EDIT: Crap, now Kari wants me to walk in this weather. Freakin' great.
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The rest of the drabble requests! :D
I don't really have any comments for these. It's early!

Title: Hand-Eye Coordination
Characters/Pairings: Mello/Matt
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mello’s more important than that videogame, dammit!
Warnings: Language, boy-kissing
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Death Note; this is just for entertainment.

Requested by: [ profile] novembermond
Matt’s eyes were transfixed on the bright LCD screen of his handheld game. )

Title: Falling Asleep
Characters/Pairings: Cless/Chester
Rating: PG
Summary: It was far too early for a nap!
Warnings: clichés, fluff, pre-game
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Tales of Phantasia; this is just for entertainment.
Quick Note: I actually can’t believe how much of this game I forgot. It’s been way too many years. D: I’m sorry Tokiya, but this may not be exactly what you were hoping for??? This was kind of inspired by a similar past experience.

Requested by: [ profile] sesshy_is_sexii
Gruuu…I’m never going to eat so much, again. )

Title: Good Etiquette
Characters/Pairings: Takada/Misa
Rating: light R
Summary: Takada demonstrates good manners to Misa
Warnings: Citrus
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Death Note; this is just for entertainment.

Requested by: [ profile] dopeangel
What a vulgar woman! )

Title: Cooking Lessons
Characters/Pairings: Aragaki Shinjiro + Yamagishi Fuuka
Rating: G
Summary: Fuuka just can’t make her tamagoyaki right.
Warnings: OoC, maybe.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Persona 3; this is just for entertainment.
Quick Note: Tamagoyaki = egg omelet

Requested by: [ profile] ariyashima still tastes awful...I knew it. )

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This is a very mixed icon post. Some of these icons are pretty old, some relatively new, and some that were made for icontests. .o.~

- Death Note (Spoilers up to Chapter 99) +10
- DOGS: Bullets and Carnage +09
- Odin Sphere +10
- Persona 3 +13
- Silent Hill 2 & 3 +13
- Misc. (Kingdom Hearts, Princess Tutu, Valkyrie Profile) +06


1 2 3

I can't think of something witty to put here...woez. D: )

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I feel sick...
and I lack complete inspiration and variety.

Do I care? 'Course not! :D
Caring is for squares!

- Death Note (MAJOR spoilers up to Episode 37) +22


1 2 3

I believe Mikami screams 'SAKUJO' when he climaxes... )

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I should be working on my summer work, but I wanted to make icons!
Hey, it took me forever to take these screencaps with Media Player Classic going "Nyehhh, your RAW is stupid.", I think I deserve to make something out of them. :D

Most of these are just of Light, but I'll probably end up making more sometime later. I still have to make more L icons! Dx

I don't have a comment on the quality of these, most of the caps were pretty on their own and I felt bad if I did too much to them.

- Death Note (MAJOR spoilers for episode 37 --- FINALE) +33


1 2 3


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Everything is under a cut, so don't get on my case if you look and spoil the episode for yourself. =p


Now that one anime's done, I don't have to feel so urghhhh...overrun with series. I am going to miss watching Death Note.

I've caught up on Romeo x Juliet and I am just at a loss at how amused I am by the series.

TYBALT IS TOO BISHI FOR HIS OWN GOOD. We get CurioxFrancisco fanservice! ♥ and even though Romeo and Juliet's relationship kills me with cavities, it's really cute. Though, I kind of feel Romeo doesn't cut for the male role. I feel Juliet can do it better, she's had more experience.
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These TOTALLY make up for my last icon batch, I swear! XD

Okay, maybe not totally, but I actually like this batch. As painful as it was to make. Partially because 25 of them were made consecutively and the other part is that I was working with screencaps from Episode 35 of Death Note.

- Death Note (MAJOR spoilers for episode 35) +26
- Misc. (Final Fantasy XII) +01


1 2 3

My inner fangirl got hurt very badly, today... )

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Or this may've have something to do with falling alseep with my headphones on and reading one too many Death Note Fanfics. x.x

I'm also trying to make some more icons again. I'm in this huge Death Note craze (especially Matt and Mello) and really want to make icons using screencaps and manga scans. However, I might wait on the screencaps until next episode. OMG MATT!!! XD

...omg, chapter 99!? DDDDx Already!?

But Matt looks so cute in the preview! :D I wanted to pinch his cheeks, even with that cigarette in his mouth. am I the only one who thinks he's smoking pot and not a cigarette in that preview?
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I hate my recent icon work...
Well, honestly, these are practice icons for cropping and colouring! XD

I almost never make such lazy things, but I figured that some practice would do me good. And I'm not even post half of what I've done, they got that bad. Harrr...

But who knows, maybe I'm just judging way too harshly and forcing myself to be disappointed. 8]


- Code Geass (somewhat spoilers through episode 23) +40
- Darker Than Black (spoilers for episode 5 & 6) +06
- Death Note (somewhat spoilers through episode 32) +09
- Misc. (D.Gray-man, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+, Riviera: The Promised Land, Suikoden III) +8


1 2 3

Point and Laugh! It's fun! :D )

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