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Tales of the Abyss 4-koma Anthology Scans

Sweet Lorelei! XD
When I went to check the poll, earlier, I saw that the 4-koma series had won by a complete landslide. I was going to wait until tomorrow and start scanning on Thursday, but that motivated me to do it this morning.

I'll probably end up scanning the other two books at another time, but danggg! It's kind of exhausting scanning and editting for a few hours. Good thing my scanner doesn't take as long as my old one did when it came to scanning.

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Tales of the Abyss Anthology Scans

Progress! XD
Okie dokie, not too long ago, I went out and bought three of the Tales of the Abyss Anthology books. I think it may had been to scan for the heck of it.

But I was afraid of ruining the books when I got them so, aside from random tidbits that really don't count, I never ended up doing it. Dx

Anyway! I finally decided to get up and do what I intended to do. So I have here the covers and some samples of all the books I got. As well as a poll.

My scanner is retarded so it would take forever and a day, probably, to scan all three books entirely. @_@ Plus, I hate the dang thing. It weirded out on me earlier and if I want it to work again, I have to restart my computer. >.< Dang dreck of a scanner!

Hey look! Pretty pictures and a poll! )

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