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Right...I haven't been making many icons, lately. I want to, though!

But here's the thing, what exactly do y'all want to see? I plan on making an icon comm. sometime soon so it's easier to watch for them (lol...), but I'll get around to that when I actually feel like going through the effort.

In any case, this is more semi-requests for fandoms/themes. Also, for those who may want a tutorial? Just ask!

wtf am I on about, right?

ETA: Guess who's an icon maker over at [livejournal.com profile] gavinnerism! O:
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See how I used 'holiday' rather than 'christmas'? Yeah, that gets me outta trouble for being late. *bricked*

Sorry it took me a bit to get these out, but all the icons are done! Not everyone got two, sorry. That wasn't anything personal, I was just rushing towards the end. x.x;


I should really get that other icon post I was working on up.
I made a handful of both Fire Emblem and Silent Hill icons. O: Yes, but later. Pokemon.

Guys, I've been listening to Prince of Egypt. LET MY PEOPLE GOOO.
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I really thought I'd be able to afford X-mas cards, but ALAS! My wallet is empty and the bank gave me yet another problem.

But hey hey hey, can't be losin' that holiday cheer! I feel bad that a lot of people on my F-list are doing something for the holidays so I wanna join in!


I'm not going through any fancy forms. Just comment with a fandom/character/pairing or whatever of what you'd like. Images or gallery links would be mucho appreciated! \o/
LIMIT: 2 per person!

Unless I get into a creative mood and decide to surprise with more. :OOO

I played a bit more Radiant Dawn earlier. The final chapter is so painfully easy. Why is this!? D:
I'm only in part 3, sure, but WOW. I feel awesome.
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I finally finished Odin Sphere so I'm all burned out on playing video games, ahahaha.

For how much the first five scenarios dragged, the rest of the game is freakin' awesome! ;O;
Epic final boss battles? HECKYEAH, yes please!!!
Granted, you have to pay attention to those Erion Saga and Krois' Memos to choose the right character for each battle and get the real ending. It wasn't that hard to figure out, anyway. :D

Anyway, I'm in the mood to do some drabbles~ ...but I'm out of ideas.

Anyone on my F-list want to drop me a prompt or two? As long as I'm familiar with the characters/pairings/fandom, I'm totally cool with giving them all a shot, but I'm not making any promises. 8]


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