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Name:rockin' the world
Birthdate:Aug 17
Location:California, United States of America
memento viviere | memento mori

profile. age 19 | female | californian |

fandoms. tales series | zelda | riviera ~the promised land~ | star ocean | valkyrie profile | kingdom hearts | naruto | death note | d.gray-man | dn angel | gundam seed | loveless | ouran koukou host club | full metal alchemist | pretear | princess tutu | hikaru no go | mai-hime | harvest moon | fire emblem | disgaea | final fantasy | code geass | higurashi no naku koro ni | eternal darkness: sanity's requiem | silent hill | disney | mai-otome | okami | devil may cry | shadow hearts | psychonauts | romeo x juliet | darker than black | dogs | harry potter | persona 3 | odin sphere | yuugioh | tsubasa reservoir chronicle | xxxholic | katekyo hitman reborn! | air gear | the world ends with you | radiata stories | honeydew syndrome | doubt | super smash bros. | persona 4 |

likes. j-pop | j-rock | rock | alternative rock | indie rock | fashion | vintage clothing | shounen-ai | reading | writing | drawing | cooking | health & nutrition | icons | photoshop | anime | video games | crack | rainbows | procrastinating | childish sexual innuendo |

dislikes. blood | bugs | poor grammar | close-minded outlooks | consequences for procrastinating | bashing in general | arrogance | stupidity | my constant lack of creation, inspiration, and talent | seriously on that last one |

This thing is rarely updated so it's not very current. lols

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80s love rock, a separate peace, ace attorney, air gear, anime, apollo justice, arisato minato, arrested development, art, batman, boy bands, capcom, chrono cross, chrono trigger, claymore, code geass, d.gray-man, darker than black, dc comics, death note, desperate housewives, devil may cry, digimon, disgaea, dn angel, dogs, doubt, dry, eating, evangelion, fanfiction, fashion, final fantasy, fire emblem, friends, full metal alchemist, girlie pop, gundam seed, gyakuten saiban, harry potter, harvest moon, hetalia, higurashi, hikaru no go, homosexuals, honeydew syndrome, house, house md, i do the dew, icons, indie rock, jpop, jrock, karneval, katekyo hitman reborn!, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kino no tabi, knight of ratatosk, legend of dragoon, legend of zelda, lesbians, loveless, lucky star, mai-hime, mana series, mario, marvel, marvel comics, miyazaki, mountain dew, movies, music, mystery science theater 3000, naruto, neon genesis evangelion, odin sphere, ouran, ouran koukou host club, persona 3, persona 4, phoenix wright, photoshop, pokemon, possible side effects, pretear, princess bride, princess princess, princess tutu, professor layton, psychonauts, queer as folk, radiata stories, reading, resident evil, riviera, rock, romeo x juliet, running with scissors, ryouji mochizuki, sayonara zetsubou sensei, shadow hearts, shippuuden, shounen-ai, silent hill, sitting around, sleeping, soul calibur, spiderman, spirited away, star ocean, subarashiki kono sekai, super smash brothers, supernatural, tales of, tales of eternia, tales of phantasia, tales of symphonia, tales of symphonia 2, tales of the abyss, teen titans, transformers, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, valkyrie profile, video games, vintage fashion, watchmen, world ends with you, writing, x-men, xmen, xxxholic, yaoi, yuri, yuugioh, zelda
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